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What We Do

We Chat

Patients need to be heard. It is probably one of the most important aspects of evaluating health. So...we chat. We chat about your symptoms and concerns, eating and lifestyle habits, genetics and how the alignment of all these things in particular may be effecting your health.

We Develop a Plan

A reasonable, working plan. Together, we discuss steps that will effect your health in a positive way. Each patient has very different challenges and therefore their needs and goals are very different. We will also review recommendations, regarding labs and additional tests, that may prove beneficial to discuss with your physician .

We are here

Whether it is preparing for an upcoming doctors appointment, questions regarding a diagnosis, considering pregnancy or new challenges in your health, we are here to provide support and guidance for optimal care.



Meet Me

Hello! My name is Tiffany Mladinich and I am the founder of Mending Medicine and your prospective health consultant. I offer a unique approach to wellness, combining years of experience in both conventional and natural medicine, and as a patient and caregiver.  My experience started at the age of 6 with my first kidney failure, dialysis and blood transfusion and I have battled chronic illness since childhood due to genetic predispositions. I was also the primary caregiver for my mother, who suffered with many facets of uncontrolled primary thyroid disease, and ultimately died from complications of dementia caused by a parathyroid adenoma. I swore that no person should ever suffer like my mother. What I have learned through the years, I have found that many are interested in knowing, which is why I founded Mending Medicine. My goal for you is to encourage a more fluid and effective patient/physician conversation, leading to better care and diagnoses, as well as help explain how genetics, diet, supplements and personal choices effect health and well being, ultimately creating your unique preventive medicine plan. I have had the great privilege to have worked with the patients and families of various autoimmune and mental health conditions, fertility complications, Cancer, Autism, Nephrotic Syndrome, kidney failure and many other chronic and rare genetic disorders over the last 10 years. It was an honor to be featured on Thyroid Pharmacist, Dr. Izabella Wentz's ground breaking documentary, The Thyroid Secret, and I am privileged to interview some of the best pharmacists, physicians, thrivers and advocates on Thyroid Nation Radio. My hope for you is to increase your knowledge of lifestyle medicine and unique genetics, so that you may be able to integrate what you have learned into actionable steps, leading to better health and quality of life. Your wellness script is truly unique to you...and deserves careful consideration of all aspects of your physical, spiritual and genetic conditions.

What to expect

We either meet in person, via Skype/video or on the phone. Expect between 1-2 hours together.  You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire prior to our meeting. Labs from the last 1-2 years are quite helpful, as well as a list of current supplements, herbs, etc that you are currently taking. Genetic testing is not required, but highly recommended, as there is only one you. It allows for potential protocols (dietary, medication, stress management, medical testing recommendations, etc) to be significantly more accurate. Approximately a week after our meeting, you will receive a detailed summary of what we discussed, tips for dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as potentially beneficial topics and testing to discuss with your physician.  Providing the summary directly to your healthcare practitioner can provide them with additional information to better assist you and your care.

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